See the Seminar Taught by UFC Aces in Manaus

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Ginásio do SESI recebeu as feras. Fotos: Antônio Lima/ Divulgação

Sesi Gymnasium in Manaus, where the Jiu-Jitsu and UFC stars held the seminar (Photos by Antônio Lima)

With the backing of Mayor Arthur Virgílio, yesterday the city of Manaus hosted a seminar that drew UFC and Jiu-Jitsu fans in droves to the capital of the State of Amazonas, Brazil.

There at Sesi Gymnasium were 150 people who shrugged off the stormy weather and lapped up the lessons taught by fighting aces Ronaldo Jacaré, Adriano Martins, Ronnys Torres and Diego Brandão.

Ronaldo Jacaré e Adriano Martins durante o aulão

Ronaldo Jacaré teaches at the seminar. (Photo by Antônio Lima)

Secretary of Sports Fabrício Lima brought up the fact that such events bring the public and common practitioners closer to the sport’s heroes.

“Bringing the athletes closer to society is essential, as it’s through this contact that people can see that despite all the challenges it is possible to make one’s dreams come true and win in life,” said Fabricio.

Ronys Torres ensinando movimentos de luta em pé

Ronys Torres and Diego teach standup moves. (Photo by Antônio Lima)

“I’d like to thank the mayor for the initiative and say that through this marvelous event we were able to teach young people basic notions of fighting that will serve them in their careers down the road. I feel it’s a great idea for people to train and interact with fighters whom they hold as role models. What’s more, I had the pleasure and honor of trading blows with Jacaré, of whom I’m a fan,” said Adriano Martins, the latest athlete sponsored by the City of Manaus to sign with the UFC.

Besides the aforementioned MMA stars were local heroes like Dileno Lopes (with 11 wins and no losses), Rivaldo Junior and Naldo Silva.

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