Look Back at What They Said: The Best Quotes from the European Open

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Megaton in 2011

Megaton in 2011

With the 10th edition of the European Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship approaching, it’s time to remember the best of what has happened over the first nine installments.

Besides great images, immortalized in pictures and videos, the emotions of the European Open also produced great statements from our heros.

Present since the very first event, GRACIEMAG has collected the best of what was said during the years.

The 23 quotes that follow are filled with emotion, pain, joy, anguish and also humor.

Lets rewind!

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Roger vs. Jacare, in 2005

Roger vs. Jacare, in 2005

“I’ve come for Jacaré,” Roger Gracie, in 2005

“Man, we’re at the edge of a trampoline. There’s no going back, we can only jump,” Henrique Machado, Jacaré’s coach in 2005, on the rivalry with Roger.

“When they told me Roger and Jacaré were going to sign up for the tournament, I had my doubts,” Fernando “Soluço”, in 2005, on the impact of the match on the European Open.

“All I felt was the wind,” Lúcio “Lagarto”, in 2005, cheerfully addressing the speed of the takedown he suffered at the hands of Jacaré.

“Is it still snowing?” “Yes it is, but not in Lisbon,” a dialogue between a fighter and an employee of the Casal Vistoso Sports Pavillion, in 2006. An example of Portuguese humor.

“My age is a mystery, not even Royler knows it,” Wellington Megaton, in 2006, celebrating another gold medal.

“I don’t have calves, there’s no way to catch me there,” Mário Reis in 2006, revealing one of the weapons that got him to gold in the absolute.

“Go to hell!” a polish fighter said to the refereeing table just after winning his division in 2006 and just before getting disqualified for poor conduct for a second time.

“I wouldn’t let go of that neck for anything and then I’d never do an absolute again. And if he’d drop down to middleweight for revenge, I’d go down to lightweight,” Allan “Finfou” in 2007, commenting on the match between Yan Cabral and Xande, when Cabral gave up on a choke hold and ended up losing the match.

“When he saw me again, he asked me not to fight. He said twice was enough,” Fábio Gurgel in 2007, revealing an odd request from an unhappy opponent.

“Now I’m heading to Barcelona to show my medal to Ronaldinho at the pagode party. He’ll hire me as his body guard,” black belt Leo Peluço in 2007.

Lucio Lagarto, in 2011

Lucio Lagarto, in 2011

“Outside hooks, outside hooks…” Roger Gracie in 2008 showing Victor Estima what he should do in his match against Luis “Big Mac” Theodoro.

“You climb a mountain, not chop it down,” Alexandre Souza in 2008, explaining how he beat Big Mac.

“Ah, an energy drink and the adrenaline of Jiu-Jitsu will take care of it,” Bráulio Estima in 2009, revealing how he overcame the results of a night’s insomnia.

“I came because my sponsor said he’d pay for the trip,” Márcio “Pé de Pano” in 2009, explaining his return to competition in his way.

“I felt his arm pop, but he didn’t give up so I kept stretching it. It was the absolute black belt final…” Guto Campos on the final of the absolute against Cavaca in 2010.

Fabio Gurgel, in 2010

Fabio Gurgel, in 2010

“It was an honor,” Bernardo Faria in 2010, revealing how he felt closing out he heavyweight division with Fábio Gurgel.

“He gets it, he’s uglier.” “How’s that? Then he takes the title,” Michael Langhi and Lucas Lepri, in 2010, explaining how they decided who would take first in closing out the lightweight division.

“What was the name of your band?” “Canta e Berra lá na Serra (“Scream and Shout up in the Hills”)”, a Portuguese black belt, in 2010, revealing his past as rock and roll star.

“That’s my way of living!”, Bernardo Faria, protesting in 2011 against a supposed refereeing mistake.

“The training is so scarry that no one scares me in competition”, Igor Silva, in 2011, after becoming ultra-heavyweight champion.

“In the middle of my fight with Rodolfo, I had the urge to call my mom and tell on him: ‘Mommy, he is hurting me’”, Lucio Lagarto, in 2012, after being tapped out by Rodolfo Vieira.

“The best way to beat the technical virtues of your adversaries is to not respect them”, Rodolfo Vieira, in 2012, after becoming absolute champion.

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