Learn 5 Half-Guard Sweeps to Mistreat Those Passers

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Marcus Bochecha raspa Rodolfo Viera nas quartas do absoluto, no Mundial 2012. Foto: Dan Rod/ GRACIEMAG

Marcus Bochecha sweeps Rodolfo Vieira in the 2012 World Championship absolute quarterfinals. (Photo by Dan Rod/ GRACIEMAG)

There’s a simple formula for getting good at sweeps: lots of repetitions. To become effective with reversals, you have to combine grip-work with a varied repertory of techniques and know the right moment to strike and wobble the opponent.

To do so, one needs to always be thinking one step ahead of the adversary, and that’s something you only achieve through mat time and drilling the basics.

So, today GRACIEMAG.com presents you with some sweeps with which to mistreat passers and warm up for the 2013 season. Let us know which one you like most and which turned out to work best for you.

1 – Vinicius Canevari teaches half-guard sweep using lapel

2 – Pablo Popovitch demonstrates main sweep details


3 – The opponent reached side-control? Sweep with Andrei Andrezzo

4 – Sweep with Marcos Schubert


5 – Johnny Ramirez teaches two tricks to not missing the sweep

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