Revisit 5 David-vs.-Goliath Matches to Get What Jiu-Jitsu Is

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Marcelo Garcia em ação no ADCC 2011 Foto Dan Rod GRACIEMAG

Black belt David: Marcelo Garcia in action at ADCC 2011 (Photo by Dan Rod/GRACIEMAG)

In Christian households, children grow up hearing bible stories, like the one about that scrawny little guy who slayed a giant by hitting him square on the head with a rock, thus saving his kingdom.

Once the kids who grow up hearing those tales start practicing the gentle art, it’s not long before they realize, David only used a rock because he didn’t know Jiu-Jitsu.

When sporting a gi in the academy, we all realize how on the ground the art revamped and popularized by the Gracie clan evens the playing field and allows our many Davids to subdue the Goliaths every day in class, training or at championships.

To drive home just how much that is the case, today features five battles between half-pint pipsqueaks and their oversized opposition. Show your friends and family so they’ll all have an idea of what Jiu-Jitsu’s all about.

1. Marcelinho Garcia vs. Ricco Rodriguez – ADCC 2005

2. Rubens Cobrinha vs. Rafael Lovato Jr – Pan 2009

3. Mark Kerr vs. Léo Vieira – ADCC 2001

4. Jeff Glover vs. Sergio Farnes – Grapplers Quest 2009

5. Guto Campos vs. Rodrigo Cavaca – European Open 2010

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