The MMA and Jiu-Jitsu World’s Most Impactful Statements of 2012

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Anderson Silva castiga Chael Sonnen em julho no UFC Foto Josh Hedges
Before his elegant finishing touch, Anderson punished Sonnen at their July encounter in the UFC. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa via Getty Images)


“I didn’t think; I just did, and God enlightened me.”

Edson Barboza last January, on his out-of-the-movies knockout of Terry Etim at UFC 142


“When he [Bochecha] took me down, I thought I was still ahead or at least tied on points. When I got his arm I didn’t even think of sweeping, since the hold was in so tight. But I didn’t have the strength to make him tap. My master Julio Cesar gave me an earful for only having gone for the tapout and not the points.”

Rodolfo Vieira last June, following thriller at 2012 Jiu-Jitsu World Champion


“He said he’s ready to sub me. Whoa, hold on… I don’t think he [Cezar Mutante] is going to want to go to the ground with me. He’s more likely to get me pregnant than finish me.”

Sérgio Moraes last June, prior to UFC event in Belo Horizonte, Brazil


“Chael, thanks a lot for the fight. If you’d like to have some barbecue over at my place, my door is open. And my wife will cook for us.”

Anderson Silva last July, showing he’s also a black belt in finesse


“I truly believe I’m ready. I’m ready and will hunt Anderson Silva when I get my shot at the belt.”

Chris Weidman last July


“It’s the opposite for women. If you have sex, it raises your testosterone. So, it kind of sucks I don’t have a boyfriend right now, but I’m sure my Twitter is blowing up with offers at the moment. I don’t know the exact science behind it, but maybe it was a pickup line or something I heard before. Who knows?”

Ronda Rousey last August


Ronda Rousey com seu cinturao do UFC Foto Josh Hedges

Fair-faced champion Ronda Rousey and her UFC belt (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa via Getty Images)


“I’ve been seeing blue and purple belts who think Jiu-Jitsu’s all about grabbing a sleeve and trying some little sweeps. That’s awful for the sport, but what can you do about it? No one can control that.”

Kron Gracie last September


“Buy a car, a good car. Riding motorcycles is a bad idea. But do they listen to me? Maybe José Aldo will now, since he’s been affected by it. It could have been worse; he could have broken a leg.”

Dana White last September, offering advice to featherweight champion José Aldo after his accident


“When I heard his arm pop I let it slip a bit, and that’s when [Jon Jones] got out of it. I messed up.”

Vitor Belfort last September


“Vitor gave me a hard time and made me rethink how I train. I realized there’s room for improvement. I need to be comfortable in the octagon. I train a lot of wrestling and striking, but I need to embrace Jiu-Jitsu more. It’s a question of practicing what I preach: to be a true MMA artist you have to train in all the martial arts. I have to admit I don’t practice my Jiu-Jitsu every day.”

Jon Jones last September


“This business of booing to me has to do with alcohol in the stands. In Japan, for example, nobody’s there drinking during the fight. They’re sitting there admiring the fight and the athletes who sacrifice their bodies to entertain them. Not the American fans—they’re there drunk, aggressive. We can’t please everybody.”

Demetrious Johnson last September, after turning flyweight champion while being booed at UFC 152


I just gave him the old-style Raccoon, it has been a while since the last time I did … Choke him out 3 times … And before he woke up I did hit each eye socket at least twice. Tomorrow he will wake up like a raccoon. And every time he woke up I was whispering at his ears, ‘That’s what death feels like. Don’t do that again.’”

Renzo Gracie last September, narrating a would-be New York mugging real time


“I honestly really don’t think [Jiu-Jitsu] does [work]. If you have any knowledge at all of Jiu-Jitsu, it’s just not going to work. If you literally have never heard of anything and have no idea what they’re doing, okay, kind of like the first UFC, yeah Jiu-Jitsu works. It’s kind of like trickery, basically. If you have any idea about any of the tricks, it’s just not going to work, unless you’re a complete idiot and fall for it.”

Dave Herman last September, before tapping out to Minotauro, designating himself a “complete idiot”


“Jiu-Jitsu! Jiu-Jitsu!”

Demian Maia, galvanizing a packed HSBC Arena after tapping out Rick Story at UFC Rio


“I’m too old to go getting hit in the head.”

Anderson Silva last October, reiterating his desire to retire… four years from now


“The the idea behind Jiu-Jitsu is to think only about making the opponent quit, to tap him out. I hate competing against those guys who go in there to win by advantages, or hang on to one position just so they can sweep at the end. That makes for ugly Jiu-Jitsu.”

Marcus Bochecha last November


Rodolfo Vieira, durante o Pan 2011. Foto: GRACIEMAG.

Jiu-Jitsu world champion Rodolfo Vieira (GRACIEMAG archive photo)


“People keep asking me when I’m going to stop, so here’s my challenge to them: when someone passes my guard, then I’ll stop.”

Xande Ribeiro last November


“And with Wanderlei Silva as a coach on my team? Look, I may not end up winning the reality show, but this will be the funniest TUF of all times.”

Fabricio Werdum last November, after announcement that he will be facing Minotauro in the TUF Brazil finale in 2013


“Ben Henderson, I watched very carefully your fight against Nate Diaz. I’m going to try to use some of the stuff you have done in the fight to win over Nick Diaz, as well. I’m going to learn from what you did and try to apply it in my game plan. Thanks for showing me the blueprint.”

Georges St-Pierre this December


“Guys like me and Cain Velasquez are made at the gym, and the other guys [Overeem] are made at the laboratory.”

Junior Cigano this December

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