Dana White Blasts Anyone Critical of Cain Velasquez’s ‘Brown Pride’ Tattoo

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Cain Velasquez reacts after defeating Antonio Silva during a heavyweight bout at UFC 146 at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 26, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

UFC president Dana White went to bat for No. 1 heavyweight contender Cain Velasquez on Thursday, defending the controversial “Brown Pride” tattoo the fighter has written across his chest.

At the UFC 155 pre-fight press conference, White expressed his irritation with people who have issues with his fighter’s choice to express his pride through body art, saying it’s not a big deal.

“People who have a problem with the ‘Brown Pride’ tattoo are morons,” White said during the press conference in Las Vegas. “Come on. It says ‘Brown Pride.’ Big deal. The guy’s proud to be Mexican.”

White went on to add that in the town that he grew up in, people from various backgrounds routinely had tattoos on their bodies that were representative of their culture and background. It’s because of examples like this that White finds people judging Velasquez for his tattoo to be absurd.

“It’s ridiculous. This kind of stuff pisses me off,” he said. “I lived in Boston. Every Italian was running around with something Italian on their body. Every guy who was Irish had some Irish tattoo on him. The list goes on and on.”

In a more conservative approach, Velasquez addressed the issue by saying that the way he performs in the octagon speaks higher volumes than any tattoo he has. He’s answered the same question about the tattoo 100 times, he said.

“It’s definitely a big question that everybody brings up,” the heavyweight challenger said during the press conference. “I think my fighting style just speaks for itself.”

Regardless of tattoos, Velasquez will fight champion Junior dos Santos in a rematch for the heavyweight title this Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The two originally met at the inaugural UFC on FOX event in November 2011, where dos Santos knocked Velasquez out to take the title from him.

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  1. Ivan Obregon at 11:08 pm

    Well, in Latin America, Cain Velasquez ( just like his opponent Dos Santos from Brazil) would be termed white but in the USA, Latins of all "colors" ( Spanish and Portuguese-speakers) unite under the code word "brown" to respond to the separatist racial paradigm Americans insist on holding themselves under and often use against others disallowing people the right to claim multi-ethnicities as a normal and natural multi-versed-identity that reflects the human spectrum experience of human miscegenation. The fact that this self-identification can bother anyone here ( where brown is not just a color as it ends to be in Latin america rather than a "race" as it is here in the states) means that lots of people seeing this here are angry they feel they can't put a "white pride" or "black pride" tattoo on their chests, too. They can. To love your own need not mean you gotta hate anyone else which is where the distinction is unfortunately lost….and all you gotta do is say that and then fxxx whatever anybody else wants to think or say about you. We're all Americans here but more importantly….we're all human, no matter what you put or don't put on your chest.

  2. Rachel Hashimoto at 5:54 am

    Mexican pride, Irish pride, Italian pride…are being proud of your heritage. Brown, black, white, yellow are racial. Maybe Velasquez didn't mean it but it's tasteless regardless. He should have consider more carefully since he IS a public figure AND a role model. As for Dana White's explanation; I'm no redneck and your defense for this tattoo is tacky, unintelligent, and oxymoron. But I expect nothing more from Dana White anyway. Brown=brown, not Mexican.

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