Federico Tisi Jiu-Jitsu

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Caio Terra seminar at Federico Tisi Academy

Caio Terra’s seminar at Federico Tisi Academy


Black Belt Frederico Tsi

Black Belt Federico Tsi

Phone: 39 03 924 229 676

Email: info@federicotisi.com

Website: www.federicotisi.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Federico-Tisi/


Prof. Federico is the Founder of the Tribe Jiu Jitsu Academy of Rome that counts affiliates all over the country and a strong team of competitors. Moreover, he is a technical consultant and supervisor for several other teachers that start their path in jiu jitsu in Italy.

In 2012 he has founded the “Unione italiana Jiu Jitsu” (Italian Jiu Jitsu Union), with the purpose of organizing, coordinating and supporting the efforts of all italian legitimate bjj academies following the rules imposed by the IBJJF, that it officially represents in Italy.

His path in martial arts started at the early age of eight with judo, and continued with years of research and practice in several traditional and modern self defence systems., ranging from traditional kung fu to western boxing and Muay Thai.

In the mid-nineties he was exposed to the Art of Gracie Jiu Jitsu through the now popular mixed martial arts show UFC, and immediately understood he found the art he had always looked for.

He then started to travel as much as possible to meet and learn form some of the most qualified Jiu Jitsu experts in Europe, the Usa and obviously Brazil where he has traveled several times to learn and to compete.

His main influences in his tuition are Professors from very different backgrounds and Academies, such as Carlos Lemos Junior, Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro, Ocativo “Ratinho” Couto Junior, Roberto “Meneguetti ” Almeida, Luis Carlos Valois, and many others.

After 10 years of dedicated study Federico earned his black belt in Rio de Janeiro in 2005.

The philosophy that underlies Jiu Jitsu transforms this art in a true lifestyle for those that practice it. The art , if properly transmitted, offers a solid motivation to adopt more healthy habits in daily life, it helps the development of self confidence and a more calm mind when faced with stressful situations, both on and off the Academy’s mats.

As Carlos Gracie once said in his last interview before passing away in november 1994:

” Master what does Jiu Jitsu represent for you? A form of self defense, a lifestyle or an art?:
For me and my family Jiu Jitsu, in it’s complex simplicity, transformed itself in the most profound way of learning the essential foundations of life. Through Jiu Jitsu I have learned to respect everyone, primarily the weaker, to be tolerant with the intolerant. Most of all, I have learned the great lesson of learning to deeply know myself.”


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