Lost Back Control? Finish with the Clock or Arm-Triangle

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Jeff Glover busca as costas de Caio Terra na World Jiu Jitsu Expo Foto Dan Rod

Jeff Glover targets Caio Terra’s back at World Jiu Jitsu Expo. Photo by Dan Rod/GRACIEMAG.

Having back control is about as strong a position as a Jiu-Jitsu fighter can have, as Roberto Drysdale underscores in the cover story of last month’s GRACIEMAG.

If you slip up and lose the position, there’s still something you can do to get the finish, though, as Jean Feijó, a black belt who teaches at Gracie Floripa, shows us today.

“When you’ve got the choke in place and the opponent tries removing your hooks and turning to defend, the trick is to not release the grips on his collar,” Feijó explains.

Now, if the opponent doesn’t turn on all fours, all you need to do is bring your arm across the neck for the arm-and-neck choke, as the instructor explains at minute 2:30.

“The trick to keeping the opponent from getting away in this position is to put your other hook in under his knee and keep a hand-in-hand grip,” says Jean. “Once he’s completely on his side, then you turn your hip, release your grip and wrap your arm around his neck for the arm-and-neck choke finish,” said the teacher at Gracie Floripa in closing.

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