Jair Lourenço Teaches UFC’s Renan Barão’s Favorite Jiu-Jitsu Position

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Jair Lourenço teaching seminar in Fortaleza, Brazil / Photo by Junior Samurai/GRACIEMAG.com

Coach to the likes of UFC stars Renan Barão, Ronny Markes and Jussier Formiga among others, Jair Lourenço taught a seminar in the Northeast Brazilian city of Fortaleza this past Thursday. “It was a three-hour seminar where I taught guard passes, lots of berimbolo and plenty of Jiu-Jitsu updates,” explained the black belt, who underscored the Jiu-Jitsu of the interim bantamweight of the UFC, Renan “Barão”.

“He showed his Jiu-Jitsu when in the WEC, and the guys in the UFC haven’t wanted to go to the ground with him much. But I think is they tangle with Barão on the ground he’ll be dangerous for anybody. He trains in the gi every day,” said Jair, who demonstrated Barão’s favorite move.

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