So They’re Using the Berimbolo on You? Surprise them with this Sub

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Marcus Bochecha berimbola Rodolfo Vieira, no Mundial 2012. Foto: Dan Rod

Marcus Bochecha tries to berimbolo with Rodolfo Vieira in the 2012 Worlds quarterfinals. Photo by Dan Rod.

For better or for worse, one thing’s for sure: the berimbolo works in Jiu-Jitsu.

And sooner or later the odd technique will make things rough on you, whether in training or in competition.

If you have your doubts, out of overconfidence or spite, you shouldn’t. After all, the position made popular by the Mendes and Miyao brothers–starting in the guard and ending on the back–has worked against some of the most masterful of champions.

The good side? In Jiu-Jitsu, there’s always an exit or antidote to be invented or unearthed. Such that there’s a thousand and one berimbolo defenses being explored and lapidated with every day.

A reader and purple belt, Felipe Correa drummed up a position that he guarantees is perfect for berimbolo-proofing your back.

“When the opponent pulls de la Riva guard, crack his grip off your collar,” says Felipe, demonstrating the position with Theo Nogueira, his training partner at Coronel Fabriciano’s JJF team, in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais.

“Remove the foot the opponent is using to distance your hip, and spin to his back while forcing him downwards. With the grips in place, do a somersault. With the other grip, you can finish or reposition yourself to take the back,” Felipe Correa says in finishing.

What do you say? Did you like that berimbolo antitdote? Let us know your thoughts, and help us make suit your tastes.


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