The day Keenan Cornelius tasted defeat

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Keenan se emociona com o próprio feito, após vitória no placar em cima de Paulo Miyao. Foto: Dan Rod/GRACIEMAG

Like you, Keenan Cornelius too has learned from defeat. Photo by Dan Rod/GRACIEMAG.

Keenan Cornelius is the biggest Jiu-Jitsu revelation of 2012. After all, the Hawaiian, Lloyd Irvin-trained fighter won everything he was in at purple belt, and after winning double gold at the Worlds, earned his brown belt.

Keenan just kept turning heads at his new rank, outdoing black belt Roberto Tussa, and then raising the roof against Roberto Cyborg at the Abu Dhabis Trials last October in New York.

But a fighter’s life isn’t all wins and glory. The proof that no one is born invincible is here. Before becoming the big name of the year, Keenan got a taste of what it is to lose, at the 2011 Pan, in California.

Keenan faced another purple belt revelation that year, AJ Agazarm of Gracie Barra. Check out the two squaring off, and comment: have you ever experienced a loss that made you all the stronger?

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  1. Luis Kam Wuj at 4:12 pm

    "Outdoing Tussa"? I saw that match, it was only at the end that Keenan won by one advantage which is great and a win is a win but I would call "outdoing" only if there was a one sided victory or submission. the Tussa vs Keenan match was anything but exiting until the last 5 seconds. that is when that advantage came, and I don't see how tussa didn't got an advantage for putting keenan on his back for a couple of seconds. to me it was a draw.

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