Get the wristlock without even opening guard, as taught by Calasans

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Calasans ataca a mão-de-vaca contras Lucas Lepri, no Mundial 2011. Foto: Ivan Trindade.

Calasans attacks with a wristlock at the 2011 Worlds. Photo by Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG.

When there’s an opponent in your guard, his objective is to unravel your legs and pass. But as Jiu-Jitsu is a human game of chess, the cleverer thinker is always a step ahead.

So how about pulling a slick and effective submission surprise, catching your opponent when all he’s got on his mind is opening your guard? That’s what the black belt Claudio Calasans teaches us today, now he’s returned from a trip to Angola, where he was working to spread Jiu-Jitsu.

“When your opponent grabs your sleeve, catch his wrist and use the other hand to grab the forearm, as I demonstrate. The key to the position is to prevent him from using his other hand to hold and defend. So push the wrist you’re attacking towards his shoulder and away from his body,” the Atos ace explains.

Once you’ve got the position down pat, work on attacking both hands, should he try and defend—as Calasans demonstrates in the following video produced by our contributor Rafael Carvalho of São José dos Campos, São Paulo State.

Check it out, and comment whether you liked it or not.

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