Check out the slick skills of top brown belt Keenan Cornelius

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Keenan Cornelius e sua comemoração tradicional. Foto:IBJJF

Keenan Cornelius and his traditional celebration, raising the “L” in honor of his coach, Lloyd Irvin / Photo: IBJJF

Hawaii’s Keenan Cornelius started turning heads by accomplishing one of the rarest of feats: shutting down the berimbolo of the skillful Miyao brothers in the purple belt division. From there, Keenan went on and never looked back; winning weight divisional and absolute titles in the four biggest IBJJF tournaments there are: the Europeans, Brazilian Nationals, Pan and Worlds.

A complete and relentless fighter who’s just at good at playing guard as he is at passing, the brown belt is also big on razzle-dazzle moves, like the ones in the following video of his highlights.

For example: checkout minute 1 of the video, where Keenan spins and lands on his opponent’s back.

How’d you like that?

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