Hannette Staack teaches her trademark flying armbar

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Hannette celebrates the 2011 Worlds gold winning flying armbar

Hannette celebrates the 2011 Worlds gold winning flying armbar

GMA member Hannette Staack is one of the most accomplished female competitors of all times in Jiu-Jitsu.

The co-leader of Brazil 021 is known for her acrobatic moves and technical skills. In this video, she teaches a flying armbar, the same she used to become the 2011 middleweight World champion, her 7th world title in the gi.

If you want to learn personally with Hannette, you have a chance to do it this next weekend in Toronto, Canada.

For more info, go to hannettestaackevents.eventbrite.com

Enjoy and learn, but remember to always practice in the presence of a qualified instructor/professor.

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  1. Dwight Rush at 2:26 pm

    Wow Hannette awesome as always, I studied a japanese style of jiujitsu that did not have as many ground techniques as BJJ, but that move is very impressive!!! Congratulations on your many victories and your sharing of your knowledge.

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