What’s most important in an armbar? Bráulio Estima comments

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Bráulio passa algumas dicas para você finalizar no armlock. Foto: Regis Chen

Bráulio has some pointers on pulling off an armbar for you. Photo by Regis Chen.

The latest issue of GRACIEMAG, now at a bookstore near you, brings Bráulio Estima and André Galvão as the cover fighters, in a can’t-miss article on rivalry, evolution and the value of defeat.

Today, GRACIEMAG.com brings its readers Bráulio teaching how to pull off an armbar on anyone out there—even Jon Jones.

In this lesson inspired by Vitor Belfort’s latest performance in the UFC, take note of how important it is to keep the knees together in order to create the necessary pressure in executing the move.

At the 33-second mark, watch how Carcará imitates Belfort’s swiveling for the armbar. Note the upward hip movement, to create the pressure required for finishing the opponent.

At the 58-second mark, Bráulio shows how the leg has to put pressure on the face to throw off the opponent’s posture.

What do you say? What do you need to focus on most when cranking out an armbar? Comment for us.

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