How about a spider pushup and other exercises to shore up your game?

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Alvaro Romano and his son Raphael have some valuable Ginástica Natural exercises to teach you. GRACIEMAG archive photo.

Alvaro Romano is one of GRACIEMAG’s most seasoned columnists, often proffering essential pointers for Jiu-Jitsu practitioners who want to exercise themselves to good health and quality of life.

To that end, today is featuring him and his son Raphael presenting a challenge and a series of simple and effective exercises for testing your performance.

Alvaro combined three exercises to work different parts of our bodies:

* The first exercise, for the upper body, is a spider pushup.

* The second, for the legs and hips, is the frog exercise.

* The third is an excellent abdominal exercise for working your body’s core.

The exercises should be performed in a continuous and dynamic fashion, with 10 repetitions for the first two, and 30 for the third.

Have you got what it takes to do two circuits of these, with a 20-second break between them?

Push your seat away from the computer, clock the total time, and do your best not to frighten your coworkers. Afterwards, challenge someone to break your record.

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