Cornelius vs Sousa? Lloyd Irvin says Ok, offers $5,000

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Jackson Santos says he is ready to face Cornelius

Jackson Sousa says he is ready to face Cornelius

Soon after the recent Brazilian No-Gi Nationals, a few weeks ago, published an exclusive interview with the brown belt absolute champion, Jackson Sousa.

Among other things, Sousa said that he was open for a match up with brown belt sensation, Keenan Cornelius, from Team Lloyd Irvin.

Today, after Keenan having once again ruled the division last weekend at the Worlds No-Gi, Master Llyd Irvin himself posted the following message on Facebook, saying that Sousa would be a good opponent for Cornelius:

“I think we have found an opponent for Keenan. This isn’t a tournament, this is one super fight to test out this new format, both of these guys seem to have what it takes for this format. No Time limit Submission only match in the Gi, and then No Time Limit Submission Only match No Gi. Winner gets $2500 for each division. I will fly Jackson and a coach from Brazil to do the match. Does anyone know how to contact Jackson. We love his style and this will be a killer experience. Do you guys like this match up? FYI I’m not getting into the tournament business, I have no interest in doing tournaments, this is just something fun I’m willing to do with my own money to give a great opportunity to two killers like Keenan and Jackson and take it back to the old school rules. Royce Gracie vs Wallid style. What do you think? I’m down to do this befor the year is over if possible.”

Can anyone beat Cornelius at the brown belt?

Can anyone beat Cornelius at the brown belt?

To illustrate his post, Lloyd shared the link to GRACIEMAG’s interview with Sousa.

Now, we wait for the answer from Jackson.


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