Get off that plateau; find yourself a worthy rival!

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The latest issue of GRACIEMAG is a beacon summoning you who last week lost your enthusiasm for returning to Jiu-Jitsu training. It’s a robust compilation of articles teaching you to combat stagnation; return to competition after a long and dreary layoff away from the gi; as well as a handful of other lessons and tricks for exercising your arms and shoulders in as productive a way as possible, using one of the most everyday pieces of gym equipment on the planet.

Before becoming a subscriber and getting the best of Jiu-Jitsu delivered to your doorstep every month by clicking below, here’s an introduction to the best of what the magazine has in store for you:


The miracle of rivalry

“He’s made me better myself, in fear of losing to him. I’ve trained to beat him. And he’s like a huge wall I have to climb” Jeff Glover

For our cover story we had a chat with some archrivals who saw their Jiu-Jitsu evolve after accepting one of the wisest yet bitterest precepts there is in Jiu-Jitsu: having a rival beat you is essential.

We spoke with Bráulio Estima and André Galvão, the two opponents in the ADCC 2013 supermatch main event, as well as other fierce competitors, to analyze how having an obstacle on par with you in the academy is just what you need to evolve quicker and make it to the next belt. “Thank God Bráulio caught me in that reverse triangle,” André, surprisingly, says in the article. Give the article with its unprecedented angle a read, and be all the cleverer in training.


The innovative Metamoris Pro

Hot off the presses following the San Diego, California event’s success, Metamoris Pro reaches readers with heaps of behind-the-scenes stories, controversies and provocations. Find out what Marcus Bochecha and Roger Gracie, Ryron Gracie and André Galvão, Kron and Otávio Sousa learned from their experiences at the tournament where the scoreboard was relegated to the dressing room. “He was really technical and escaped. I pulled on his arm hard,” says Bochecha, regarding his armbar on Roger.


Sweep the fighter passing on his feet

This month, TRAINING PROGRAM brings you Bruno Paulista of Ralph Gracie Academy teaching some sensational sweeps based on good grips, hip movement and cracking the opponent’s posture out of whack at the right time. It’s a can’t-miss for you guard players but most of all for all of you who like playing on top and are lost when on bottom. Your problems are finally over.


Masters & Seniors Worlds

In California, the first ever World Championship for veterans brought back to action a host of Jiu-Jitsu professors and hard-nosed competitors who helped write the sport’s history. Get the scoop on who came out on top. To boot, in FACE TO FACE, Vitor Shaolin teaches us how to make a victorious return, what has changed in the competition scene and MMA since his day, and plenty more.


US Open

From the traditional San Jose, California competition, the finest photos by our own Dan Rod illustrate an Augusto Tanquinho-taught lesson on how to rest during a match, using smarts and playing by the rules. Check out what the absolute champion of the tournament learned from his encounter on the mat with Diego Nosferatu and during a priceless conversation with Grandmaster Francisco Mansur.



Check out the best from the Pan No-Gi and the other stops where the most widely recognized gentle-art professors and competitors around shone last month.


Jiu-Jitsu in the UFC

We called on Vitor Belfort’s Jiu-Jitsu coach, Gilbert Durinho, to teach an in-depth and step-by-step lesson on the armbar that put Jon Jones’s arm in a sling and other grappling techniques that are useful to anyone who digs and/or practices MMA. You’ll want to use a bunch of the defenses at the academy, even when training in the gi!


The amplitude of the move

“Jiu-Jitsu’s not a sauna, and sweating a lot doesn’t necessarily mean your training was proficient where technique is concerned” Federico Tisi

The issue is chock full of other goodies too: the ground and move amplitude; how Rodolfo Vieira helped GFTeam to overpower the other teams at the 2012 Brazilian No-Gi Nationals; the new and unprecedented Jiu-Jitsu Ranking for the black belt division; the famed WHITE PAGE, this month written by our guest columnist Federico Tisi; and an article scribed by Gustavo Dantas and inspired by Bruce Lee’s perspective:

“Choose the positive. You have choice, you are master of your attitude; choose the positive, the constructive. Optimism is a faith that leads to success” Bruce Lee


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