The most impactful statements of the week in the MMA and Jiu-Jitsu world

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Braulio Estima e Fabio Gurgel durante treino na Alliance, no dia . Foto: Jair Lacerda/GRACIEMAG

Braulio Estima and Fabio Gurgel training at Alliance / Photo by Jair Lacerda/GRACIEMAG


“I think our fight at UFC 154 is going to have all the aspects of a good MMA fight: punches, kicks, takedowns, Jiu-Jitsu. But I believe the ground game will be the key to victory, both for GSP and for me.”

Carlos Condit, on welterweight title fight coming up this November at UFC 154


“GSP seems even better than he was before, with his added desire to get back to fighting after such a long layoff. A lot of folks would be intimidated about returning, but he’s excited about it.”

Bráulio Estima, on training with the Canadian UFC champion in Montreal, Canada


“The rivalry between our academies was always limited to the mat. I’m proud to have been a student of Rolls’s, as well as of Reyson, Carlinhos, Crolin and then Rickson. I’m eternally thankful to the family, and I consider Carlinhos to be a brother. Gracie Barra and Alliance are sister teams, and they’ll always be part of Jiu-Jitsu history.”

Romero Jacaré, team Alliance founder, on Bráulio Estima seminar at Alliance SP


“The IBJJ Pro at the end of the year will be really cool, and the lightweights and featherweights get to compete against each other. There are some tough guys who I’d like to compete against, like Rubens Cobrinha, Bruno Frazatto and Rafael Mendes, who’s a really good and strategic guy.”

Leandro Lo, providing fuel for fan expectations about the IBJJ Pro, coming up December 8 in California

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