Want a bigger gas tank for Jiu-Jitsu? Then read what Bibiano Fernandes has to say

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Bibiano Fernandes (in white) against Jonatas Tagarela at 2006 World Championship, one of the last tournaments he was in before migrating to MMA / GRACIEMAG archive photo

Bibiano Fernandes, a 32-year-old black belt, boasts a game of lightning-quick transitions and major explosiveness. And now, after a sterling career on the mats and 12 wins in 15 fights in MMA, “The Flash” shares his performance secrets in GRACIEMAG #187.

In the interview, Bibiano recollects how his nickname first surfaced, in fighters’ favorite Jiu-Jitsu magazine.

GRACIEMAG.com sifted through the FACE TO FACE section to bring you a couple of the more enticing excerpts, in case you haven’t picked up a copy at your local bookstore yet:

1. How to be a speedy fighter:

“I think that speed in martial arts is part explosiveness, part in your head. Before going in to fight I’d try and analyze the whole fight in my head. That way, I think I was always a step ahead of my opponent in thought. And that way you push the pace in the fight. Even when I’d roll with a teammate in training, I’d have two, three submission options in mind,” says Bibiano.

2. How do you enhance your lung capacity?

“I think that speed in martial arts is part explo When I started training with Osvaldo Alves I’d do a lot of running on the sand, sprints on the beach. We’d do a light run and then do 20 under-20-second sprints. But want to know what the secret to endurance is, boss? Let’s say you’re in the middle of a roll at training and you start feeling fatigued. Your mind says, “I’m done.” Well, that happens to everyone. And what do you do? You stop or ask to stop. That’s wrong; your body’s being blocked by your mind. The big secret is to push on,” the Amazonas State native teaches, among other ultra-useful odds and ends.

Want more pointers on how to up your performance in training? Then head to the nearest bookstore and get a copy!

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