Anderson agrees to face Jon Jones: “But it has to be at a catch weight”

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Anderson Silva campeao do UFC

Anderson Silva: the dominant UFC middleweight speaks of facing the young Jon Jones.

The biggest middleweight name there is, widely regarded by pundits as the greatest UFC fighter of all times, said he would agree to fight Jon Jones, the champion of the weight division above his, if the fans and the UFC really want him to.

“People are talking about it so much… It’s not something I intend to do. It’s not something that motivates me, if just because there are other athletes on my team in his weight group, like Minotouro, Maldonado, Feijão, Caldeirão. My weight class is 84 kg; that’s my title. But people are talking about it so much and I’m an employee of the UFC,” said the Spider.

“Of course, I could be saying I don’t want to. But what if he accepts the money Dana will give him to fight? It’ll be tough not to take. It’s not money that motivates me to fight. I fight because I like it. So, I dunno. I wouldn’t want to. But if it’s going to happen, it would have to be at a pre-arranged catch weight. It wouldn’t be for his belt. And I already have mine and don’t want a title I’ll have to give up,” he said.

Anderson Silva and Jon Jones are going through similar moments in their respective divisions. They each have a handful of rivals gunning for their belts but not one clear-cut challenger to the title. But while the inter-champion superfight doesn’t look likely to leave the paper anytime soon, at least until Jon Jones gets his The Ultimate Fighter commitments out of the way, UFC management and fans alike can at least dream of the fight everyone wants to see–and the one match-up most likely to break pay-per-view records.

What do you think, gentle reader; is there another UFC superfight you’d rather see than this one?

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