Want to shore up your defensive guard? Learn from Xande Ribeiro

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Xande Ribeiro defende a passagem de guarda de Bernardo Farias na final, do mundial 2010. Foto: Regis Chen

Xande defends against a passing Bernardo Faria in the 2010 World Championship final. Photo by Regis Chen/GRACIEMAG.

The current world runner-up in the heavyweight division and the owner of the gold medal from the absolute division of the first ever World Masters & Seniors Championship, held last month in California, Xande Ribeiro wields a classic and complete modern Jiu-Jitsu game.

The Jiu-Jitsu professor at California-based Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Academy and one of the standouts from Metamoris Pro, Ribeiro pops in at GRACIEMAG.com to teach you to use your defensive guard to make things rough on all the on-duty passers.

“If the opponent sinks one grip on my pants and another on my lapel, cutting their knee inwards to pass, I set up my defense: My left leg goes at the opponent’s hip and, using my hands, I push his shoulder. Now I turn my hip inwards, defending the pass,” he explains in the video lesson below.

Picked up on all the details? Let us know below.

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