Metamoris: fighters cautious with words, promise to give it all on the mat

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Metamoris Jiu-Jitsu Invitational

Xande, Ryron Gracie, Roger, Kayron, Kron, Jeff Glover

The Metamoris Pro weekend is already underway.

This Saturday, the 12 fighters gathered in Downtown San Diego for the press conference.

All of them were very cautious with words and made sure not to raise any polemic issue or to make any provocative comment to their opponents.

Even so, some interesting remarks were made.

“My father will always be on my side, no matter if he is in my corner or not. I feel I’ve learned a lot with him until now, but it is time to follow my own path”, said Kron Gracie, in an intense response to wheter Rickson will be in his corner this Sunday.

“I’m not on steroids. I’m always drunk, but not on the juice! In fact, I should get a bonus for that!” joked Jeff Glover, when asked if he was taking any illegal substances.

“Dean, is it true that you have never been tapped out?” asked Xande Ribeiro.

“Never! No, wait, once as a blue belt”, answered Lister, to the laughter of all.

“I am a big guy with the ocasional speed of lighter fighters and sometimes I do crazy things when I am in a bad position and they have been working,” said a self-analyzing Marcus Bochecha.

“I don’t feel pressure with being a Gracie. I feel blessed for having had so many great guys to learn from,” celebrated Kayron Gracie.

Metamoris Jiu-Jitsu Invitational

Lister, Galvão, Bochecha, Lovato, Otavio Sousa, Caio Terra

“Kayron was a blue belt when I was already a black belt, but that means nothing,” stated Rafael Lovato Jr.

“It is not a video or two that is going to make you learn the dangers of your opponent at this level,” answered Ryron Gracie, when asked if he had an advantage over Galvão because thre are much more footage of Andre than of himself.

“I tried to compete at Jiu-Jitsu and MMA at the same time, but I ended up not doing neither of the two well. So now I am taking the time for each one separately,” Roger Gracie on why he stopped competing in BJJ.

“If I manage to tap out Kron, I’ll be very happy,” said a cool Otavio Sousa.

“My strategy is always the same! I go in and fight!,” said Galvão, making it simple.

“Maybe I’ll bait Jeff this time,” joked Caio Terra when asked about the recent fight between the two at Jiu-Jitsu Expo.

At the end, the event’s owner Robert Zeps and producer Ralek Gracie announced an extra bonus of $5,000 for the best submission of the day.

They also said they want to make another edition of Metamoris and stated that it is going to stay as an invitational event.

No winner of Metamoris 1 has a secured spot on Metamoris 2.

Watch a video with the best of what was said to the press.

Follow the complete coverage of Metamoris Pro today at GRACIEMAG’s Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram on your smart phone.


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  1. Tammy Swetnam at 3:20 pm

    Funny! Not much smack talking at this interview for 6 GREATs! Just a lot of humble talking and the consensus 'The mat will show the winner'…not the talking.

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