He proved Miyao’s guard can be passed

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Felipe Preguiça comemora vitória sobre Miayo, no mundial de 2011

Felipe “Preguiça” celebrates thrilling win at 2011 World Championship. Photo: Felipe Pena’s personal archives.

Nobody is 100% unbeatable. No guard is 100% insurmountable, however dangerous it may be.

That’s what Felipe “Preguiça” Pena proved at the 2011 Worlds, in a riveting duel with Miyao’s rubbery legs in the purple belt absolute division.

Check out the achievement of the medium heavyweight Preguiça, who would ultimately go on to win his weight and the open weight divisions, at 1:23 minutes of the video. While you’re at it, marvel at Miyao’s trademark elasticity.

Preguiça, now a brown belt, is one of the aces on tap for the next stage of Copa Pódio, coming up January 13, 2013. He takes on Leandro Lo in one of the card’s supermatches.

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