Watch Lucas Lepri sweep and pass guard to win No-Gi Pan

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Lucas Lepri and Renan Borges hang out at No-Gi Pan. Personal archive photo.

Lucas Lepri was one of the famed Jiu-Jitsu fighters who came up big at the No-Gi Pan last Saturday in New York. The Jiu-Jitsu professor for team Alliance won the lightweight division and only didn’t win the absolute because of two advantages he dropped to Pablo Popovitch in the final.

In the lightweight gold dispute he outpointed Renan Borges of BTT by 8 to 0, scoring with two guard passes and a knee-on-belly.

Watch and learn from the ace. And in the second video down, watch the absolute semifinal where he outscored Kleber Buiú, the winner of the medium heavyweight division, by 6 to 0 on sweeps.

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