The most impactful Jiu-Jitsu and MMA statements of the week

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Vitor Belfort posa na Lapa para divulgar UFC

Vitor Belfort in Rio de Janeiro / UFC publicity photo


“These days we see blue and purple belts who think Jiu-Jitsu’s all about grabbing the sleeve and trying those little sweeps… The sport is getting worse with that kind of game. But no one can control that.”

Kron Gracie


“This business of booing to me has to do with alcohol in the stands. In Japan, for example, nobody’s there drinking during the fight. They’re sitting there admiring the fight and the athletes who sacrifice their bodies to entertain them. Not the American fans—they’re there drunk, aggressive. We can’t please everybody”

Demetrious Johnson, after turning flyweight champion while being booed at UFC 152


“Vitor gave me a hard time and made me rethink how I train. I realized there’s room for improvement. I need to be comfortable in the octagon. I train a lot of wrestling and striking, but I need to embrace Jiu-Jitsu more. It’s a question of practicing what I preach: to be a true MMA artist you have to train in all the martial arts”

Jon Jones, after his arm nearly got taken home by Vitor Belfort


“I messed up when I heard the popping (elbow) and lost the hold for a second. After that Jones escaped. Props to Jones and bummer for me”

Vitor Belfort


“There are a lot of people who I want to face, but the fight I really want to do is that one with Belfort. I’m trying to move up to light heavyweight. We could do the fight in that division”

Wanderlei Silva, showing he has recovered from the loss of his father

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    • Adam Schatz at 9:04 pm

      Agreed. Not sure what is meant by a "little" sweep vs. a big sweep (?), and what is the matter with using the sleeve to control the wrist to affect that sweep. Interesting statement.

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