IBJJF promotes 1st International Referee Conference

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IBJJF promotes 1st International Referee Conference

IBJJF promotes 1st International Referee Conference

The IBJJF will promote the 1st International Referee Conference (IBJJF IRC), at the Long Beach Walter Pyramid, on October 6th. The date is the day before the World Championship Master & Senior that takes place in the same venue. The IBJJF IRC will gather 25 referees that are part of the IBJJF body of referees who work on the competition international circuit.

The IBJJF IRC aims to bring the referees together to set a standard in refereeing, to reduce mistakes and differences in the decision criteria. The IBJJF Refereeing Director, Gabriel Costa, explains the initiative: “As referees can not be together all the time, the conference has the intention of being the time and place for the search of a uniformity in their work. It is not a referee course, once all the participants are already working as refs. Our idea is to make an assessment of the doubts they have and their level of understanding about the rules. The referees will each get a certificate.” The IBJJF IRC will feature special speakers that will cover different aspects of the rule book.

Gabriel Costa also states that the IBJJF IRC is part of a much wider strategy: “The IBJJF wants to make the rules book known to the largest number of people as possible. We already have it available for phones and tablets.” The IBJJF intends to promote new editions of the IBJJF IRC before the main events of the Jiu-Jitsu calendar.

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