Guto Campos and his win at Copa Podio: “I have dancer’s feet, I don’t tap to the foot”

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Abi-Rihan vs Gustavo Campos at Copa Podio 2012 Photo: Gustavo Aragão/GRACIEMAG

The super fight between Guto Campos and Raphael Abi-Rihan (black gi) had an electrifying outcome. Photo by Gustavo Aragao/GRACIEMAG

The Copa Podio super challenge was one of the event’s highlights last Saturday, thanks to the display of two technical athletes.

Guto Campos and Raphael Abi-Rihan have competed in a thrilling duel that ended with the victory of Guto, Abi at the doctor and fans with eyes wide open.

Playing on the top, the guard passer Abi-Rihan attacked Guto’s foot and was winning with one advantage, when Guto’s trap guard got into action, with less than two minutes left.

Abi-Rihan resisted and didn’t feel his elbow breaking, but a side referee signaled the injured arm and interrupted the fight.

The doctor was then called and found that the arm was not broken, though damaged, and then the fight continued.

“Since it was a superfight, worthing money between the two though black belts, I chose to let the fight to continue, as Abi-Rihan wished”, explained Muzio de Angelis, the referees director. “I gave two points to Guto for his move and the duel continued. But Abi was no longer at his best, he was trying to fight with just one arm and Guto was very noble, I think, he just waited the time to pass without attacking him”,

The fight came back in the middle of the mat, with the fighters standing up. Guto Campos just managed the fight until the end, using his guard. In a last move, to electrify the people even more, Abi even tried a footlock using just one arm, but he couldn’t.

“I have dancer’s feet, I don’t tap to the foot”, celebrated the winner. Official score: 2 x 0 to Guto, with one more great fight for the Jiu-Jitsu classic saga.

Abi-Rihan, in his turn, must undergo medical treatment that may involve surgery.

“The next one will be better. I’m fine, being medicated. My arm is immobilized and awaiting the decision of doctors. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement”, said Raphael.

Check out the best Copa Podio pics, by Gustavo Aragão.

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