GRACIEMAG #184: manual for motivation and modern Jiu-Jitsu

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GRACIEMAG #184 - Cover

This month, your favorite Jiu-Jitsu magazine is issuing a challenge.

GRACIEMAG challenges the most unmotivated practitioners to read this month’s issue and continue vegetating on the couch.

We’re certain that after reading our articles you’ll see your engines start running on all cylinders, flee comfort, and pack your tote bag and rush off to training!

What follows are just a few brief appetite teasers for the more than 25 pointers and innovations that fill this month’s BOMBASTIC ISSUE, where we outline a MANUAL FOR THE MODERN WARRIOR.

1. “Rage I don’t think I had, not for anyone, at the 2012 Worlds. I just managed to turn into motivation all that sweat from training, all the necessary abdications, to forge ahead in my life as an athlete,” taught absolute champion Marcus Bochecha.

GRACIEMAG #183 - Face to Face

2. “In every position in Jiu-Jitsu, you fight to have dominant grips,” purple belt Keenan Cornelius says. “Whoever has them will get their position first.”

3. Maturity comes with competition time. The more you compete, the easier it is to gain that experience. Compete every month! Don’t do so as an obligation; understand its importance and make it a routine.

4. Do you know why Xande Ribeiro went for a flying armbar at the 2012 Worlds? Find out on the pages of GRACIEMAG.












The issue begins from the standpoint of the results, behind-the-scenes action and lessons from the 2012 Worlds to form a manual that deciphers the finesse, tricks and genius of the new crop of competition Jiu-Jitsu champions.

GRACIEMAG #184 - Cover Story











But that’s not all the issue brings.

The other pages are pure gold too, offering:

Marcelo Garcia’s facial expression and intimidation in Jiu-Jitsu, in the oft-applauded, many times copied, ANTHOLOGY section.

GRACIEMAG #184 - Antology













In Training Program we serve up the techniques of a five-time world champion for you who’s big on playing guard.

GRACIEMAG #184 - Training Program











That and much more in an essential issue for your collection. Rush to the academy or the nearest bookstore to secure this HISTORIC EDITION.

This one’s to keep and revisit whenever you need some extra pep to pack your gi and dash to training.












If you’d rather subscribe and get GRACIEMAG quick and easy at home, click here.

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