Eric Silva, the Rickson Gracie black belt who’s a master in other fields

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O musico e professor Eric Silver com mestre Rickson Gracie Foto Acervo Pessoal

Musician and Jiu-Jitsu professor Eric Silver with his master, Rickson Gracie / Personal archive photo

Jiu-Jitsu black belt Eric Silver shares his name with a UFC fighter, but the arenas he helps to fill are different ones.

A Rickson Gracie student, Eric is today one of the American composers whose works get played the most at big-time concerts in Brazil, and he’ll be doing a show this Thursday in São Paulo.

A professor in Nashville, the black belt in music has worked with artists the likes of Foo Fighters, Donna Summers and plenty of others. At the very least, he’s a good example of the open-mindedness characteristic of good Jiu-Jitsu practitioners.

Check out the fighter’s style with a guitar in hand.

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