Another 5 warmups to turbo charge your Jiu-Jitsu

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A half-hour warmup before starting a day’s Jiu-Jitsu is a major help in preventing injury, but it’s also good for the mind, as it gets your body to pull off the moves on automatic.

Check out the five different ways of warming up your muscles and ligaments. Whether practicing positions, simulating rugby on the mat or doing a bridging exercise, the name of the game is to stretch and warm up. Check the warmup videos out, and comment on whether you like them below.

Odd warmup at 2012 Pan / Photo: Ivan Trindade / GRACIEMAG

1. Patrick and positional warmups

2. Warm up with Marcio Meloni

3. Warmup at Sumaré Jiu-Jitsu

4. Warmup Refúgio Jiu-Jitsu team

5. Garcia Combat Club and natural movements

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