Tererê prepares to leave clinic, counts on power of Jiu-Jitsu

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Terere raspando de gancho no Jiu-Jitsu

Getting out from under: Tererê teaches a sweep at a2011 seminar in São Paulo. Publicity photo.

At a rehabilitation clinic in Ibiúna, São Paulo State, to deal with drug issues, Jiu-Jitsu star Fernando Tererê appears to have found a point of equilibrium whereby he can return home in peace.

His release will come in ten days, but Fernando has already left the clinic to sleep at his cousin’s house, showing he ‘s making progress.

The greatest hope for his recovery comes from the very mouth of the hook-guard-sweep king himself. In a moment of rare lucidness, Tererê told his close friends the following:

“I’m not an addict. What I have is schizophrenia. The disease is what makes me go after drugs. I wasn’t able to cope with the disease; I’d stop taking medication and have relapses. Now I’ve learned to deal with the disease. And all I want to do now is start training again and spread Jiu-Jitsu around the world. After all, I have a son to feed.”

Excited about what the future holds, Tererê has already scheduled seminars in Mexico and dreams of teaching in the USA again.

For now, though, he is biding his time while receiving visits from friends and family and the brother who has an even lither hip than he does: Patrick Carvalho, who dances with the acress Claudia Ohana on the Brazilian version of Dancing with the Stars.

Patrick, who has practiced Jiu-Jitsu in the past, ousted Minotauro from the program. Now he’s dancing to help pay the rest of the bills for his brother. We’re rooting for you, family.

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