“Hell Boy” teaches guillotine and reviews loss: “Insisting on the single-leg was a mistake”

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Caio "Hell Boy" Magalhães in red trunks against Buddy Roberts / UFC publicity photo

Middleweight black belt Caio Magalhães made his UFC debut last June 8, but his first outing in the top flight didn’t go quite the way he’d hoped it would.

Facing Buddy Roberts, “Hell Boy” felt the sting of defeat for the first time in his MMA career. “It was a really hard fight. We both started out at full speed but both of us were well prepared. I have no complaints about the fight. It was my debut, right? I’ve had five MMA fights, but the UFC is a different world. I was too confident. I think that served as a lesson for me. When you take a step back, it serves as a boost to jump ahead ten steps,” said Caio.

“I learned once and for all that Jiu-Jitsu is one art, MMA is another. It was a mistake for me to insist too much on the single-leg to get him down. I didn’t pay attention to the details of the positions. I realized afterwards that I could have gone to his waist and gotten him down. In the end, I lost but I was on the attack the whole time, so I think I made a good impression,” he added, hoping to have another shot when UFC Rio 3 comes around in October.

“My hope is to get called up for UFC Rio, but I’ll be ready no matter where they want me to fight. On the 8th I’m going to Las Vegas to see the UFC Fan Expo. I’m glad I was invited,” he said.

In the following video, the black belt demonstrates a guillotine that can be used in MMA and No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu. Pay attention to how Caio places his bottom knee on his opponent’s thigh and his hand on the hip to keep him from flipping. After that, he just squeezes out the hold, applying pressure on the side where his bicep is up against the neck.

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