Nyjah Easton a black belt, Cornelius a brown belt and other Lloyd Irvin promotions

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Middleweight Keenan Cornelius, during the yesterday's finals. Photo: GRACIEMAG

Middleweight Keenan Cornelius during the purple belt absolute finals / Photo: GRACIEMAG

Keenan Cornelius talked about it right after conquering the gold medal in the purple belt absolute division at the  last World Championship.

With that win he completed Jiu-Jitsu’s Grand Slam, winning his weight division and the open class of the four most important IBJJF competitions: the Euro Open, Pan, Brazilian Nationals, Worlds.

“I hope I get the brown belt when I go back to the gym,” said Keenan.

In fact, he didn’t have to wait long as today Lloyd Irvin released a video with a graduation ceremony at his school in Maryland.

“This guy wrote me and said he needed to be in a team to accomplish his goals in Jiu-Jitsu and chose Team Lloyd Irvin to do it. I decided to give him a chance and he came. In his first year, he won nothing but he kept training hard and at the beginning of this year I said that he was going to grand slam, and he did it”, said Lloyd about Keenan just before fastening the new belt around Cornelius waist.

“I just want to thank my team and thank Master Lloyd for all the instructions. You guys kicked my ass in my first year here. Thanks a lot you all!”said Keenan.

Besides Keenan, Nyjah Easton was promoted to the black belt.

“I’m honored. That is the first thing that I have completed in my life”, said Nyjah.

Take a look at the video.

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There are 15 comments for this article
  1. Pablo at 12:34 pm

    This is awesome….I wish the Muay Thai person in the back was not being so selfish with their grunting at such a special time

    • Romeo Barnes at 1:28 am

      Mike was training and that’s how you control breathing while throwing strikes. He wasn’t purposely being rude. He’s a really cool dude and not at all selfish. He’s actually one of the few people on that team I grew close to and I can genuinely say I miss training with him.

        • Romeo Barnes at 5:14 am

          yes. It programs your body to breathe as you throw the strike. Of course in a real fight there is no need to actually make the noise. It’s just preparation. It’s just like when you practice judo throws alone you overdo the throwing motion then when actually throw someone it’s easier because you aren’t apprehensive and you freely commit your weight. It’s really the same idea. Boxers do it when they hit the heavy bag. Go down to your local boxing gym and listen.

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