LeBron James and his lessons for (finally) winning an NBA championship

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LeBron flying high: the best player of the NBA finals shared precious lessons on winning in life. Photo: Keith Alison/publicity.

After nine seasons in the NBA, the masterful LeBron James finally got his hands on the trophy for winning the world’s premier basketball competition with his team, the Miami Heat. With the Valente brothers, Jiu-Jitsu professors invited to celebrate winning the title, in attendance, the 27-year-old superstar has some interesting points to teach on persevering, making adjustments and achieving victory.


Young and full of fun, LeBron and his teammates at Miami Heat had been accused of losing last season’s title by losing focus, provoking the Dallas Mavericks’s towering power forward Dirk Nowitski. This year, LeBron didn’t want to hear about any horsing around, controversy or superfluous gestures. He even took a break from Twitter, limiting himself to reading between games, and with his concentration heightened, he drubbed the Oklahoma City Thunders by four games to one, putting in superb performances while at it.


The gold medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics said that the pressure to come up with a title threw him off the right track. “I started playing to prove something to the critics; I played with anger. But that doesn’t work. I always played for the love of it before. I started playing with passion and my game flowed,” he said, while still on court.


LeBron said that when he left the Cleveland Cavaliers to be part of an experienced team in Miami it was one of the most difficult decisions he’d ever made. Whether you agree with what he did or not, take to heart that the life of an athlete/fighter is littered with difficult decisions,uncomfortable conversations and situations none too pleasant. Don’t let them accumulate; make a decision.


LeBron admitted that the provocation that bothered him most to this day was being called “selfish” while playing a team sport. Fighting is an individual sport, but it’ not an individualist one. A selfish athlete or person is incapable of working for the team and personal and technical development of their colleagues. By being so, everyone will eventually end up sinking together.

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