Learn online with Black Belt João Crus

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Black Belt João Crus teaches online

Black Belt João Crus teaches online

GMA member João Crus has just launched an awesome product for BJJ teaching.

The João Crus Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Online Training offers a variety of videos that will make the gentle art experience more complete.

The website explains how it works:

This online classes were developed to help the student in his/her learning journey in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and the instructor in need of help to prepare the curriculum classes as well.

The puzzle of BJJ needs to be put together in a logical order to be assimilated and productive. Here you will find very detailed information to assure positive results

The online training is very affordable and without the need to wait for any delivery. It plays in any mobile device instantly.

The way it was designed, we call videos a set and each set has up to 15 techniques. On the white to blue belt curriculum for example, we have 4 videos or 4 sets, with a total of 60 techniques.

We also have a session with free samples of techniques, where we are going to upload new material every week.

The techniques are taught in 3 different languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Check it out! I hope you enjoy it, it is there for you.

For more info, go to subscriptions.viddler.com/Joaocrus

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