Which 3 superpowers would you pick, of the winning ones from 2012 Worlds?

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Rominho Barral finaliza Diogo Moreno na final dos meio-pesados, no Mundial 2012 da IBJJF. Foto: Dan Rod/GRACIEMAG

Rômulo Barral taps out Diogo Moreno in medium heavyweight final of 2012 IBJJF WOrlds. Photo: Dan Rod/GRACIEMAG.

It’s an open exercise of the imagination, but it’s also a barometer for finding out which of the techniques that arose at the 2012 IBJJF Worlds Championship in Long Beach, California, last weekend have gained the most acclaim.

If you, in a stroke of magic, could be granted three facets for your game, from the ones displayed at the 2012 Worlds, which would they be? Which of the champions’ superpowers would make a near-perfect fighter, in your opinion?


Bochecha’s half-guard and grit?

The speed with which Bruno Malfacine takes the back?

The modern and rarely erring game of Gui & Rafa Mendes?

Rubens Cobrinha’s choke?

Leandro Lo’s open guard?

Otávio Sousa’s arsenal of sweeps?

Rômulo Barral’s guard pass?

The pressure standing and on the ground of Rodolfo Vieira?

The positioning and armbar of Xande Ribeiro?

The well-rounded game of Leonardo Nogueira?

The unanswerable Kimura of Gabi Garcia?

Bia Mesquita’s nimbleness?

Mackenzie Dern’s footlock?

Brown belt João Gabriel Rocha’s base on the ground and standing?

The youth and disposition of purple belt Keenan Cornelius?

Or would you opt for some other technique?

Share with us in the comments field below! (And enjoy your training, because there’s no such thing as magic…)

To check out the finest pics from the finals, click here.

For the complete results, drop by IBJJF.org.

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