Old Guard vs. New Generation in 2012 Worlds brackets

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Bochecha e Rodolfo Vieira após a grande luta do Mundial 2012. Foto: Dan Rod

Bochecha and Rodolfo Vieira after thrilling match at 2012 Worlds / Photo: Dan Rod

The brackets with the eight remaining athletes, and which start this Sunday at 2 pm, feature a number of promising rivalries for the crowd at the Long Beach Pyramid to relish. (Keep up with it all in real time on Facebook or Twitter.

One contest in particular calls attention. It’s the one between superstars of the new generation and the established medal-winners, some of them having won their first World Championship titles over ten years ago.

Between the world champion veterans from a decade ago, some standouts are the absolute kings of yesteryear Rodrigo Comprido and Marcio Pé de Pano, and Leonardo Leite. There’s also Xande Ribeiro, who isn’t just the black belt world champion from 2001, he won it at brown in 2000 and came up with bronze in the absolute at black belt in 2002. There’s no denying it, one of the biggest stars of the old guard brings plenty of clout in as he seeks to terrorize the young bucks.

Mário Reis (featherweight), Gabriel Willcos (light featherweight), Gustavo Sirizinho (super heavyweight) and Carlos Holanda (light featherweight) are other familiar faces to the regulars in the stands at Jiu-Jitsu championships, another two who will try to teach the up-and-comers a thing or two.

So who’s your money on, the new generation or Jiu-Jitsu’s new guard?


Bruno Malfacine vs João Carlos Kuraoka
Rafael Barata vs Milton Bastos

Caio Terra vs Brandon Mullins
Felipe Costa vs Koji Shibamoto

Light featherweight

Samuel Braga vs Laércio Fernandes
Ary Farias vs Carlos “Esquisito” Holanda

Guilherme Mendes vs Henrique Rezende
Pablo Silva vs Gabriel Willcox


Rafael Mendes vs Takayuki Koyama
Marcelino Freitas vs Mário Reis

Osvaldo Moizinho vs Leonardo Cascão
Rubens Cobrinha vs Eduardo da Silva


Lucas Lepri vs Renan Borges
Thiago Abreu vs Vinicius Marinho

Leandro Lo vs Rodrigo Caporal
JT Torres vs Roberto Satoshi


Lucas Leite vs Daniel Garcia
Otávio Sousa vs Kron Gracie

Claudio Calasans Jr vs Alan Finfou
Victor Estima vs Diego Borges

Medium heavyweight

Romulo Barral vs Diego Herzog
Rafael Lovato Jr vs Dimitrius Soares

Ian McPherson vs Rodrigo Pinheiro
Diogo Araújo vs Eduardo Santoro


Xande Ribeiro vs Yuri Simões
Roberto Tussa vs Tarsis Humphreys

Rodolfo Vieira vs Fabiano Leite
Paulo Tarcísio vs Alexandro Ceconi

Super heavyweight

Bernardo Faria vs André Simões
Antonio Carlos Cara de Sapato vs André Campos

Léo Nogueira vs Paulo Victor
Felipe Bueno vs Gustavo Sirizinho


Marcus Bochecha vs Igor Silva
Marcio Pé de Pano vs Antonio Peinado

Leonardo Leite vs Ricardo Evangelista
Rodrigo Comprido vs Alexander Trans

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