Bochecha and the grand black belt champs of the 2012 World Championship

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Bruno Malfacine contra Caio Terra (de branco), em mais uma final cheia de técnica e emoção. Foto: GRACIEMAG

Bruno Malfacine against Caio Terro (in white) in yet another riveting and technique-filled encounter between the two / Photo: GRACIEMAG

Léo Nogueira and Bernardo Faria closed out (Léo wins coin-flip for first place).

Marcus Vinicius Bochecha mounted and armlocked Léo Leite to win his first World Championship at black belt.

Bruno Malfacine defeated Caio Terro by judges’ decision (0-0 points, 3-3 advantages)

Guilherme Mendes defeated Laercio Fernandes via judges’ decision (2-2 points).

Rafael won very close split decision over Rubens Cobrinha (2-2 points).

Leandro Lo defeated Lucas Lepri by 1 advantage, playing from the bottom, winning his first Worlds at black belt.

Otávio Sousa defeated Claudio Calasans Jr. with a sweep in the last 10 seconds (6-6 with a penalty for Calasans).

Rômulo Barral subbed Diogo Araujo with a choke from the mount after leading 11-0 on points.

Rodolfo Vieira defeats Xande Ribeiro by 4-advantage point lead after 2-2 draw from takedowns.

Gabi Garcia subbed Luiza Monteiro via Kimura lock after 54 seconds of action.

Marcus Bochecha defeated Léo Nogueira via advantage points in the final seconds by landing a takedown and nearly mounting (6-6 on points).

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