Copa Pódio BJJ cup: June 30 supermatches and draw internet broadcast

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Tarsis Humphreys em ação no Jiu-Jitsu, em Gramado. Foto: Ivan Trindade/

Tarsis Humphreys in action in Gramado in 2012 / Photo: Ivan Trindade/

The promoters of Copa Pódio are proud to announce that the draw for the group phase of the next event will be broadcast free of charge over the internet.

The draw ceremony will take place in Rio de Janeiro on the coming 30th of June, and will also feature two supermatches for fans and internet viewers to enjoy.

The draw will determine the two groups of athletes participating in the Middleweight Grand Prix to take place July 21. The ten under-82 kg athletes will be split into two groups of five, the green team and the yellow team.

The submission wizards on the July 21 GP card so far are:

Leandro Lo
Nivaldo de Oliveira
Rafael Formiga
Vinicius Marinho
Davi Ramos
André Bastos
Felipe Preguiça

The draw and two supermatches will take place at the Academia Delfim arena in the Tijuca neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.

The first supermatch will be a preliminary match to determine who gets the last berth in the Middleweight GP, with two aces from sister academies squaring off: Victor Bomfim of Evolve Gordo and Diogo Almeida of Ryan Gracie SP.

The second match, the main event, will have GFTeam’s Wancler Oliveira taking on Alliance rep Tarsis Humphreys, two athletes signed up for the IBJJF World Championship. The winner of the match goes through to face the winner between Guto Campos of Guetho/Atos and Raphael Abi-Rihan at the third leg of the Copa Pódio event, in December.

To present the draw on the 30th, the promoters came up with two big names from sports journalism in Brazil: Marco de Vargas, an experienced sports commentator, and our own Carlos “Cobrinha” Ozório, a Jiu-Jitsu black belt and reporter for

“Marco did a great job of commentating for the Lightweight GP, and I needn’t even say anything about Cobrinha The two of them will be commenting on the July 21 GP broadcast,” said Jeferson Maycá, the director of the Copa Pódio promotion.

The group draw and supermatches will kick off at 6pm on June 30, and the broadcast link will be announced shortly, right here on

Draw and Supermatches
Academia Delfim, Rio de Janeiro
June 30


Victor Bomfim (Evolve Gordo) vs Diogo Almeida (Ryan Gracie)
Tarsis Humphreys (Alliance) vs Wancler Oliveira (GFTeam)

Middleweight GP
Hebraica, Rio de Janeiro
July 21

Supermatch: Guto Campos vs Raphael Abi-Rihan

Heavyweight GP
Rio de Janeiro
December 15

Supermatch: Winner between Tarsis-Wancler VS. winner Guto-Abi-Rihan

Watch one of the matches from the inaugural Copa Pódio event, the Lightweight GP:

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