Cesar Gracie rebuts Bráulio, doesn’t exempt Nick and explains Expo debacle

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Cesar Gracie com seu faixa-preta Nick Diaz. Foto: Strikeforce.

Professor of Jiu-Jitsu Cesar Gracie with his black belt Nick Diaz during tenure at Strikeforce / Publicity photo

Coach to Nick Diaz and professor of Jiu-Jitsu Cesar Gracie took to the Gracie Fighter academy website last night to justify the collapse in communication that triggered his student’s failure to show for his superfight with Bráulio Estima at the the inaugural World Jiu-Jitsu Expo last Saturday.

(Read the full open letter here.)

According to Cesar Gracie, it all started during the negotiation phase for the fight, back in February, when he and Diaz made clear demands that the match-up be against a Jiu-Jitsu competitor, as Nick didn’t want to be used as a springboard for someone to break through in MMA. As Bráulio had not yet made his MMA debut, talks moved forward, despite subsequent irritation from Nick Diaz’s team when Bráulio openly stated his intention to make his premiere mixed martial arts appearance in the near future.

With a string of breakdowns in communication regarding the fight weight and when weigh-ins would take place, Nick—still according to Cesar—lost his cool and felt that he was being used. When on the eve of the match he found out that, while he had lost around three kilos (six lbs), Bráulio hadn’t yet weighed in, “it was the final straw,” in the coach’s words.

The big mistake there, apparently, was made by the organizer’s, for not having clearly stipulate how weigh-ins would be conducted. Bráulio, for example, claimed via Twitter that he never came to terms regarding whether he would weigh in one day prior to or on the day of bout—no terms had been prearranged. Regardless, no one could foresee that that would turn out to be a loophole through which Nick could back out at the last minute, without even informing his trainer of his actions beforehand.


“Nick is not without fault by any means. His lack of communication with his team and coach [prior to leaving without saying anything] was inexcusable. This will be addressed privately,” Cesar continues in the letter, while also categorically rebutting statements issued by Bráulio.

“As for Braulio, I still respect him as a great BJJ artist. As far as calling Nick out for an MMA fight, he knows that is impossible because Nick is signed with the UFC and in MMA you have to make weight when they want you to. Not when you want to. If Braulio ever finds success in MMA then he can mention Nick’s name for a fight. Right now he should respect the man,” says the Gracie.

According to the Jiu-Jitsu professor, he and his cousin Renzo have spoken about the future of the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo and will work together to bolster the sophomore installment of the event, without the participation of the organizer’s who contributed to the meltdown taking place.

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