GRACIEMAG #182: the day Rodolfo started from guard and beat Galvão

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The latest issue of GRACIEMAG might not change your life. But it will surely change your Jiu-Jitsu, so it would behoove you not to miss it. This month we bring you the highlights from Abu Dhabi, like Rodolfo’s 4-2 win over André Galvão, and an assortment of helpful technical tidbits.






The Abu Dhabi Professional Cup

Rodolfo Vieira, the big name in the land of the Sheikhs, returned home with two gold medals, a handful of lessons, and heaps of defeated opponents left in his wake. To celebrate his titles, in the TRAINING PROGRAM section of GRACIEMAG this month Rodolfo demonstrates some of his go-to guard passes. Discover how Rodolfo wreaks havoc on his adversaries and hone your passes.


Side-Control Dossier

“The top athlete tries to maintain side-control, but the bottom athlete isn’t wearing a gi, so he’s slipperier and doesn’t offer anything to hang on to. After doing that kind of training, when you make it to side-control and do have a gi to grab, everything becomes much easier.”


Rodrigo Medeiros

What’s the point of grinding your way past guard if you can’t manage to keep your opponent’s back on the ground, chest to chest? This month you get to learn from André Galvão, Rafael Lovato and others how to keep the mistakes in side-control to a minimum. You’ll find lessons like the one above from Rodrigo Medeiros, the headmaster at California academy BJJ Revolution.


IBJJF Pan 2012

“It was my best tournament performance so far. I tried different finishes and did modern Jiu-Jitsu, which has already influenced a lot of people”. Rafael Mendes

It was a Pan for the ages, in California. Despite the absence of an absolute final—a subject that’s been discussed by for quite a while now—, Antonio “Cara de Sapato”, Marcus Bochecha and Rafael Mendes surfaced as the big standouts of the event. Find out what they got up to and derive your own lessons for bolstering your training.


Face to Face: Maurição Gomes

A pioneer in Jiu-Jitsu’s global expansion, having spent months teaching in Japan and England, Mauricio Gomes has plenty of stories to share. Back in Rio de Janeiro, Maurição comments on his son Roger’s MMA training and imparts essential pointers for you to get your knee-on-belly technique up to snuff.


Martin Rooney

To keep the astonishing results a-coming in Jiu-Jitsu, you can’t let your physical conditioning work linger in yesteryear. Martin Rooney, this month, unveils some complex circuits and innovative and inspired workouts to get your Jiu-Jitsu flowing smoothly, without tiring or getting hurt.

You’ll find all that and plenty more in GRACIEMAG 182. Get yours at the bookstore or GMA academy nearest you.

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