Bráulio on match with Nick Diaz at Expo: “I’m obliged to win, and convincingly”

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Carcará e seu triângulo invertido, em treino na Inglaterra com Lucio Lagarto. Foto: Arquivos GRACIEMAG.

Carcará and his reverse triangle training in England with Lucio Lagarto / GRACIEMAG archive photo

In the final stretch in preparing for his No-Gi tussle with UFC star Nick Diaz at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo next weekend, all Bráulio “Carcará” Estima wants to hear about is getting a good night’s rest.

The professor of Jiu-Jitsu at Gracie Barra in England arrived home from Thailand on Thursday and sets off for California today, and he’s plenty concerned about jet lag. As if having Nick Diaz to contend with next Saturday weren’t enough.


The guillotine Nate used to win his fight at the last UFC was splendid, beautifully executed and it provided a glimpse of the slick ground skills of someone who knows his stuff. Nate Diaz’s win [over Jim Miller] serves to show spectators the level the Diaz brothers are at in Jiu-Jitsu. I already knew what they’re capable of. I know how tough they are, so the submission was no surprise to me.


My training consisted of a lot of basics. I sought to up my endurance, for the fact that I accepted the fight really close to competition day, since I’d scheduled my vacation before the fight. I arrived from Thailand on Tuesday and am heading to California today. It’s all quite a rush. I feel that jet lag will be my worst enemy during these days leading up to the Expo. In Thailand I managed to train twice a day for ten days, so I’m confident, although I’m not at tip-top shape.


We can never stop, can we? Though I’m not 100% focused on competition right now, I’m always training. After all, Jiu-Jitsu’s my hobby, my work, my anti-stress remedy and my life philosophy.


I’ve shouldered the responsibility ever since I accepted facing Nick. I brought the responsibility on me. I know I’m obligated to win, and win convincingly. But I have faith in myself and will go for the tapout from start to finish. My main strategy will be to not waste a single opportunity or favorable position.

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What do you feel the outcome of the supermatch between Bráulio and Nick Diaz will be, dear reader?

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  1. Leejitsu at 3:16 pm

    im going to go with Nick Diaz because the mma guys seem to be beating the purists lately so maybe they got something that needs to be factored in… maybe more tools in their toolbox! but I personally always want pure jiu-jitsu to win because it is pefect when executed as its intented!

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