“Jiu-Jitsu’s full of stallers who fight to say they didn’t tap”

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Garantido em Abu Dhabi com tudo pago, André Galvão joga por cima na final com Clark Gracie, na seletiva de Jiu-Jitsu de San Diego. Foto: Alicia Anthony.

Through to Abu Dhabi, André Galvão plays on top in final against Clark Gracie at San Diego WPJJ Trials. Photo: Alicia Anthony.

A submission wizard from competition Jiu-Jitsu’s top tier, André Galvão won his weight class but stopped short of winning the absolute in the final last Sunday at the San Diego leg of the World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship (WPJJ) Trials. The man who put the brakes on him was Xande Ribeiro, whose three-advantage point lead broke the 4-4 tie on points. What lessons did the unfortunate Galvão derive from the closely matched affair? He lays it all out for GRACIEMAG.com to come:


“I came up with one good lesson. I feel that, regardless of the result or how the match is going, you should never stop or consider quitting. I went all out, showing what my Jiu-Jitsu’s like in all my matches. I learned that six minutes isn’t much time at all and that it’s really important to take the lead early on. I also think I taught everyone else a lesson, showing that Jiu-Jitsu is made for fighting, not stalling. Jiu-Jitsu these days is full of stallers who fight to be able to say they didn’t tap to so-and-so,” said Galvão.

(Check out the finest photos from the finals, through the lens of Alicia Anthony)

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“In my match with Xande, truth is that I think they didn’t give me the two points when I did a backwards somersault and landed a single-leg on him. But he deserved to win because of what he did do in the match, which was a great one. I’m happy with the overall result and all my students. My team took first at the tournament, and we only went in with 22 athletes,” he added.

The champion of his weight class and the absolute at ADCC 2011 also spoke of how his training is going:

“I work on submissions and their various aspects a lot. I work on everything a lot. My Jiu-Jitsu doesn’t hinge on one, two or three positions. I train everything, do lots of sweeps from half-guard, spider-guard and other variations,” he said.


“One major lesson is that you have to realize where the main control is seated in each position, to know how to break the opponent’s grips. The secret to getting good at a position is to train a lot, move around a lot and especially to take risks when you roll at the academy, until you start pulling it off at tournaments. You’ve got to drill to win, you know? I feel that for you to get good at a position you have to hone it a lot through repetition and control. Specific training will help you there too. That tip goes for progressing in any position.”

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There are 12 comments for this article
  1. no_creontes at 7:25 pm

    come on man… the guy had a horrible attitude kicking Clark’s legs… besides the 22 that he took some of it were champions before joining his gym… too much andre galvao here… let’s start giving some space to the other talents out there.

  2. Gary Foster at 2:27 am

    He may not have won the $1000 Cash Absolute, but he did take gold in his weight class and won the trip to Abu Dhabi to fight at the WPJJC Finals next month. Amazing work by Andre and all the fighters on the mat this weekend. Every medal awarded was well earned!

  3. Sean at 4:17 pm

    I don’t agree with the mma commentary below, but from what I saw, clark gracie went for a calf slicer, and in Galvao’s escape they wound up in an awkward position where gracie’s leg was crossed in a way that was almost a reap. It seems clear that it wasn’t intentional and once he recognized the position Gracie wasn’t putting any pressure on Galvao’s knee. Galvao got frustrated and intentionally kicked Gracie. It may not be indicative of how Galvao usually is, but it looked like poor sportsmanship in that instance. They high fived afterwards so maybe it’s water under the bridge.

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