What’s the best advice you ever got from your master?

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Roger Carlinhos Gracie by Ivan

Carlos Gracie Jr. and Roger at GB América, in California / Photo by Ivan Trindade

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Now what GRACIEMAG.com wants to know is: what’s the best advice you ever got from your teacher?

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  1. Alan Te Puke at 11:44 pm

    My Master Roney da Silva(tauranga fight club) always says that more you come to training,more you learn,more you get fitter…!!!

  2. aotearoabr at 11:58 pm

    Master Roney Peterson da Silva(Tauranga Fight Club NZ) always says: “The more you come to training,more you learn,more you get better,more you get fitter osssss”

  3. Romeo Barnes at 3:00 am

    Professor Maguilla(Maguilla BJJ silver spring, MD) told me something I’ll never a short while ago that has really helped me in my overall game. That was simply “use your head Romo”. His Brazilian accent makes it very hard for him correctly pronounce my name. He has called me Romo for three years now.

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