Tarsis Humphreys returns and 17 can’t-miss attractions at Gramado tryouts

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Tarsis Humphreys em mais uma guerra contra Romulo Barral, na final do Mundial 2009 Foto Alicia Anthony Arquivos GRACIEMAG

Top-tier medium heavyweight Tarsis Humphreys (on top) in one of his battles with Romulo Barral, in the 2009 Worlds final / Photo: Alicia Anthony/GRACIEMAG archives

Sign-ups to compete in Gramado and vie for an all-expenses-paid trip to Abu Dhabi for the World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship are nearing an end. Click here to get in on the action.

While the enormous demand proves the March 3 and 4 championship is what’s most on competitors’ minds right now, GRACIEMAG.com reminds you that there are others attractions to feature at the event.

It’s worth keeping in mind that, albeit off the mat, Rodrigo Minotauro will put in an appearance at the tryouts. On the mat there will be another major presence: world champion Tarsis Humphreys.

After undergoing knee surgery in 2011, which kept the Alliance black belt out of the main competitions of the year, Tarsis is back to training hard with his team for a return to the Emirates in an attempt to recapture the Abu Dhabi World Professional absolute title that was once his.


“I always want to win, but everyone wants to win. The important thing is to do your homework so you won’t run into any surprises when the time comes,” says the São Paulo native.

“I really want to conquer a second Abu Dhabi pro title. I know it’ll be hard; after all, with every year the Abu Dhabi Pro just gets thornier and thornier. So I’ll go in there really well trained. Alliance has more world champions training together than any other team, so for sure I’ll be ready,” he asserts.

Tarsis leads a major platoon from team Alliance venturing into the Gramado event, a platoon comprised of names like Leonardo Nogueira, Luanna Alzuguir, Gabi Garcia, Alex Monsalve, Gabriel Goulart, Matheus Luckmann and others.

There are further attractions in Gramado, a tourist town. Some of the main ones:

1. Lago Negro lake

2. The cities many colonial cafés

3. Belvedere do Vale do Quilombo

4. São Pedro church

5. Lago Joaquina Rita Bier

6. Mini Mundo

7. Neighboring town Canela, with Caracol Cascades

8. Palácio dos Festivais [festival palace]

9. Rua Coberta

10. Gramado Zoo

11. Parque Gaúcho park

12. Relógio church

13. Museums and municipal cultural centers

14. Kur Estação das Águas

15. Praça das Comunicações – Casa do Colono

16. Praça das Bandeiras square

17. Ravanello Winery

To find out more, visit: http://www.gramado.rs.gov.br/

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