World Pro Jiu Jitsu trials in Montréal are set to go on despite massive storm

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It’s been a pretty mild winter in the Northeast of United States. The alarming part has been the lack of storms, much different than what is being experienced in Europe these past days.

Travelling to the World Pro Jiu Jitsu trials in Montréal, Canada was supposed to be uneventful. But luck reared its ugly head and graced the promotion with a fantastic storm that bought rain, snow, thunder and sleet to an area that covered pretty much the entire North East of the US and part of SouthEast Canada, specifically Montréal.

Luckily, Canadians are used to the fluffy stuff coming from the sky above and the infrastructure was able to keep the city roads clean.

Airplanes and roads leading to the city are a different story…

With a lot of flights grounded or delayed and most of the roads leading to the city felling like a soapy wet tatami, more than a few of the 350 registered fighters got delayed. Sympathetic to the first snowstorm to hit Canada this winter, the organizers extended weight ins into the later hours of Friday.
The forecast is for snow to continue to make this Abu Dhabi tournament seem like a competition in a winter wonderland with Sunny day finals.

Yours truly was not exempt from wrath of winter, coming from NY my flight got delayed 2 hours and my luggage…
…Apparently went to Florida. ☹

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