All set for San Francisco Open, with refereeing course

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Juizes TanquinhoAndre Terencio Muzio

Referees Tanquinho, André Negão and Muzio de Angelis: Saturday rules seminar

This Sunday the IBJJF will be putting on the latest addition to its competitions calendar: the San Francisco Open, at Merritt College in Northern California.

Besides the colored belts, the expectations are for the black belts Samir Chantre and Oswaldo Moizinho of Gracie Fighter, Steven Rosenberg of Nova União, Vitor Oliveira of GFTeam and John Carlquist of Gracie Humaitá to be there putting on a show.


The overall athlete roster and timetable are on the air at the IBJJF website.

Still on Saturday, the first IBJJF rules clinic will be held, and is open to all Jiu-Jitsu fans of any belt color.

It will take place from 1 to 5pm local time, at a cost of 45 dollars.

The address: 710 La Playa Street, San Francisco, CA 94121

For further info, send an email to

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