Rodolfo Vieira: “MMA only after winning four World Championships”

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The absolute world champion of Jiu-Jitsu wants 2012 to be the same or better than last year.

And to make it so, Rodolfo Vieira just keeps on training.

In an exclusive interview, the Rio de Janeiro native speaks of the already winning start of the season, during which he captured a berth at the Abu Dhabi World Pro and golds at heavyweight and open weight at the Europeans.

Now Rodolfo guarantees there’s no big secret to his dominance in competition over the last 12 months, just training.

Still regarding Jiu-Jitsu, he doesn’t hesitate to admit that he will be making some changes to his training routine in order to face his biggest challenge—to keep the open weight world title in a likely final against three-time champion of the category Roger Gracie.

Lastly, Rodolfo says he dreams of MMA and, ultimately, the Ultimate Fighting Championship. revealing that he wants to see how he does in gloves but will wait for the right moment, out of fear of not doing so well, as so many other gentle-art aces have fallen short.

Check out what Rodolfo had to say (in Portuguese).

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