Robson Moura wants to know – what’s your problem?

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Have you ever struggled with a submission, escape or other Jiu-Jitsu puzzle? Your instructor has shown you the technique, you’ve drilled it, but when it comes time to put it in play—you are just not catching it? Do you wish you had an experienced black belt who could take you through the small details that make the difference? Now you can get this kind of instruction—right on your iPhone.

In an innovative Problem Solver series, seven-time world champion and fourth-degree Nova União black belt Robson Moura takes you through several interactive tutorials designed to help you solve your Jiu-Jitsu challenges.

In those videos, Robson drilled with his students—asking them, “What’s Your Problem?” and then gave instruction on how to make changes for success.

Escaping high mount, hitting the baseball choke, working Robinho cross-guard and others are covered in these iPhone videos, available now on iTunes. In each video, a student explains a grappling challenge to Robson, who watches the student’s moves and then shows tips on finishing; offering dynamic responses and, where appropriate, shares exercises to assist in drilling the move.

These videos are available now for your iPhone, allowing you to have world class instruction at your fingertips. In iTunes, search Robson Moura and look for the Problem Solver videos. Don’t keep missing that submission—get your problems solved with Robson Moura!

Robson Moura is our GMA. He runs the RMNU Jiu Jitsu Association and teaches out of his Tampa, Florida headquarters—and welcomes everyone to come train with him at 11220 Hillsborough Avenue. Call now and go train with a champion: 813-855-1760.

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